Content marketing : From 0 to 6000 leads in four weeks

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If you read this tribune, it is far from being a coincidence.

That’s right I’m talking to you 😉

According to my estimates, there are:

32% chance that you are BtoB Marteker
25% chance that you are a BtoC Marketet
23% chance that you are responsible for communication
20% chance of someone else with no business opportunities for us. We still like you though :).

One thing is for sure: You’re an exceptional person. Why ? Because it’s been already been more than 8 second since you began to read this article. You’re already above the average attention span.

You’re right to read these lines because they’ll change the way you interact with your prospects through content.

In this article I’ll give you the 5 rules that allowed us to achieve :

  • 6000 leads monthly qualified traffic
  • 4000$ MRR revenue brought by content marketing

Ready ? Let’s get started !

🎯RULE 1 : Don’t forget about your target

Like a great majority of the people working in content marketing I admire Hubspot’s strategy. The target of Hubspot are SMB business owner or sales representatives. They managed to rank N°1 on Google on every question a marketer could ask himself. Here’s an example :

HubSpot ranking N°1 on the query “Create inbound marketing strategy”

A close friend working there once told me that they had to do a big restructuring in their content.

In fact, they had so much SEO effective content that it would bring the worst thing to a B2B brand : unqualified traffic.

In order to change that they decided to filter out the content that bringed the most unqualified traffic and focus on building less but well aimed content.

🗓 RULE 2 — Schedule your content creation

Creating an editorial strategy and posting regularly is a long process. It requires a team of great content creators and hours of work.

At Content Circle we work with senior freelance copywriters from the US or the UK. We organize them in tribes, each commited to the success of one of our clients. It’s like having your own on-demand team of content creators but for a monthly fixed priced. Nice, right ?

At Content Circle we use a 4 step process :

  • Creating a schedule for how many posts we want to create every month
  • Finding a title and bullet points for every article
  • Doing extra research
  • Actually writing

 👍🏻 RULE 4— Focus on added value

The only question you should ask yourself before writing any article is :

“What value am I going to bring to my audience ?“

Every great content features :

🙌🏻 RULE 5— Check out Content Circle

Yes, I know this sounds sales-y. But, that’s truly the best way to skyrocket your content marketing strategy without the hassle.

We also have a 14 days money back guarantee so give it a try and see for yourself why +50 successful SMBs trust us for their content marketing strategy.

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